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Taking things back to basics, Silo prides itself on using pure ingredients, clean farming and operating a zero-waste policy.

Their ethical practises include producing locally, reducing food miles and using unprocessed food that is better for our bodies and the environment. Old Tree, their very own brewery, creates fermented drinks using foraged and intercepted plants, herbs, vegetables and fruit. If that’s not enough, they also have their own flour mill which turns ancient varieties of wheat into flour and bake their own on-site bread every day. Other ingredients they create themselves include butter, almond milk and oats, all to avoid industrialised cooking methods.  

They achieve their zero waste by having all products delivered to them in re-useable crates, food grade jerry cans, pails, urns and containers. Plus, all food that isn’t consumed by customers or the staff is fed into an aerobic digester which generates up to 60KG of compost in 24-hours. This is still seen as a last resort, with most waste being donated to commercial and residential neighbours. They’ve also recently partnered with FairShare, who redistribute surplus food that would otherwise be thrown away to local charities and community groups that support the most vulnerable people in our society. This partnership also includes a discretionary £1 donation on food bills to give their customers to chance to support the cause too.

Their Instagram-worthy décor is created through upcycling everything from plates formed from plastic bags, tables made from industrial floor tiles, work benches crafted from filing cabinets and jam jars are used as glasses.

Silo choose to work in this way to deliver high quality food, fantastic coffee and beautifully baked breads and pastries as a perfect lunchtime pit-stop.

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